Ijams Nature Center is one of those places you must visit when you come to Knoxville. Some people might be a little put off because being in nature isn’t there idea of a great time. But Ijams has something for everyone. Even people that don’t typically find themselves soaking in the natural world. If you’re not convinced, keep on reading and see what Ijams has for you…

The River Boardwalk

Instead of being stuck in a canoe on the water, how about walking on an actual boardwalk that is water adjacent. A traditional dirt trail isn’t for everyone and the boardwalk is the upgraded version with amazing views. You can discover the amazing wildlife that call the Tennessee River home without feeling like they are too close for comfort. The boardwalk is an easy stroll along side the river that provides you with tons of perfect photo opportunities and won’t drain your energy.

The Home Site

The Ijams family homestead is where it all began. There are 20 acres for you to explore that also provide an easy walking experience. You can discover terraced gardens, rock pools, and trails that expand all throughout the area. It takes you back to days gone by and you can appreciate the world around you without being too disconnected from the present. The grounds are well maintained and don’t force you to trudge your way through nature, but instead guides you around to take in all of nature’s beauty.

The Canopy Experience

If you are feeling a little more adventurous and really want to explore Ijams from a different point of view, you have to try the Canopy Experience. You zip through the trees, conquer bridges, nets, tunnels and so much more. You can venture out of your comfort zone and have so much fun exploring Ijams high above the ground. Find out more about The Canopy Experience.

Knoxville has the best of both worlds – the city vibe and the peaceful nature experience. If you’re not a bit nature person, you can still find ways to enjoy the world around you without getting too far out of your comfort zone.

Be sure to check out all our Knoxville cabins that are only a few minutes from downtown as well as just a short drive away to Ijams Nature Center.

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