Historic Market Square

With or without kids, there is plenty of stuff to do in Knoxville. A visit to Historic Market Square is one of the best things in Knoxville. It’s essentially the heart, or the hub of downtown with a great vibe and is the place to be for cafes, restaurants and live music on select nights. Market Square is a cool destination at any time of day but really comes alive in the evening.

The Knoxville Farmers Market

There was such a great range of products on offer from delicious local food and coffee (grab a coffee from Wild Love), to artisan crafts and much more. With a vibrant community atmosphere, it’s a nice way to kick off your weekend!

Maple Hall Bowling

Maple Hall is located in the heart of Knoxville in the historic J.C. Penney building and is this super cool boutique bowling alley. It’s underground with a full-service bar, cozy lounge areas and even has a VIP room. It’s more than just a bowling alley, it’s an experience and we had a great time as a family.

Neyland Stadium

And in case you don’t know, Neyland Stadium is the 5th largest stadium in the US. With a capacity of 102,000. For those who care, Peyton Manning played college here. As did Reggie White, two greats of the #NFL.

The Sunsphere

The Sunsphere was for the 1982 World’s Fair and served as the symbol to the Fair. And it was also home to a full-service restaurant and the Observation Deck. The Observation Deck on the 4th level re-opened in 2014. It offers a 360-degree view of World’s Fair Park, and downtown. Also the Tennessee River, the University of Tennessee, and the Smoky Mountains.

The Knoxville Riverfront

Along the way, you’ll get views of Neyland Stadium at the University. Any watercraft enjoying the river on a Vols football game day. They even tailgate along here and on the water.

Zoo Knoxville


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