Smoky Mountain Guide: Winter Honeymoon Tips

So, my darling bride, you’re looking into the perfect winter honeymoon that is a little different, right? A winter honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains is really the way to go, and you don’t have to deal with the threat of tropical storms, sand in uncomfortable places, and ridiculous humidity that just ruins any chance of a good hair day. We’re so glad you’re here! Okay, so let’s get to the tips and tricks that will make your winter honeymoon leaving you breathless and with a permanent smile on your face for weeks.


It’s All About the Location, Honey

Repeat after me…Views – Activities – Amenities. These are the three things you shouldn’t skimp on for your winter honeymoon. Seriously, don’t settle.

First, you need a beautiful view to enjoy while indulging in a beverage on the deck or in a hot tub, sipping your coffee in the morning after an eventful evening (wink), or for a moment of realization and reflection of how wonderful your life is now that you married your soulmate. And can we just take a second to imagine the romantic sunset possibilities? One more thought about sunsets is going to have me breaking out in chorus from My Heart Will Go On. Next topic to spare you from getting that stuck in your head.

Moving on to activities….Being shacked up in a cozy cabin is great n’ all but you need some activities to get out and experience together. Research restaurants, shops in town, places that have live music, any type of snow activity, horseback riding, I mean the list can go on forever. It’s really what you both are into and what fits in your budget. Winter honeymooning in the Smoky Mounts provides you with tons of things to get out and do and a favorite is Dollywood – there are holiday lights everywhere and it’s a winter wonderland you definitely don’t want to miss. A photo of you two kissing under all those twinkling Christmas lights would be just beautiful!

Amenities are important. That is all…just kidding. You don’t want to get a beautiful cabin for your honeymoon and realize it doesn’t have everything you need when you get there. Put together a checklist of what you would like to have. The top ones to make sure your honeymoon getaway has is hot tub, cozy fireplace (or tv to put on the Netflix fireplace on), fully equipped kitchen, and beautiful views. These are just the basics that let you focus on each other and not worry about anything else. When you speak with the booking agent, ask them everything you can about the cabin so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. It’s what they are there for.


Pack for Your Destination

Make sure to look up the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly. Remember to leave a little extra room for new purchases, and pack for any nice restaurants or outdoor activities you will be hitting up. Always make a list of everything you pack so when you get ready to leave you don’t miss anything. Don’t forget about planning and packing your groceries. Go over with your new hubby the adult beverages, snacks, and any food you want to bring.


Ask All the Questions

When you find a cabin that you really want to book, contact the booking agent and ask all the questions. Seriously, all the questions: Are linens included, are there pots, pans, dishware included in the fully equipped kitchen, is there a coffee maker, will the hot tub be working before we get there and does it need to be drained, what restaurants would you recommend, where is a really beautiful place to take pictures, what is the driveway like leading up to the cabin, is there wifi, is it central h/a, when is checkout, are there any discounts available for local shows, what is a great bar to visit, where is the best live music, and whatever else you can think of.


Check Out Our Romantic Cabin Getaways

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