Have you ever let your significant other pick a movie and it’s that sweet RomCom you have seen a million times, but you love them, so you suffer through it – especially when Valentine’s Day near? Did you ever pay attention to the scenes they gasp over or make that “Aww” comment with every sweet gesture?

If you would like to know reason why they make you watch those movies over and over again, it’s because they are trying to passively hint to you….That’s What They Want. A sweet gesture without having to tell you to do it is a dream come true. It’s time to upgrade your romantic game with some simple tips and tricks that won’t drain your bank account. Have some faith and keep reading…

Chef Valentine

Instead of going out on the town and getting everything pink and red shoved in your face, think more intimate. A dinner for 2 at home. Tap into your inner chef and make her favorite meal (or buy it and put it in nice serving ware to make it look like you made it). Dress up the table like a restaurant with a candle or some festive confetti. All your table dressing can be found at dollar stores or Walmart. If you have kids, then you can give them a part in creating your romantic dining experience with fun crafts: making confetti with construction paper and heart hole punches, decorate a tea light holder with craft paint and glitter, make jewelry with festive beads, you get the idea and check out Pinterest for more Valentine kid crafts.

Master of Words

Not everyone loves flowers, or chocolates, or candles lit all over with a path of petals leading someone where – it’s just so much to clean. What everyone does love are sweet notes and kind words. Back in the olden days when men couldn’t woo a lovely lady with tons of gold raining down from above, they used words, and they worked extremely well. You got the getaway and now to kick it up, write some sweet words. They don’t have to be original, but they do need to be sweet. You won’t have to search long for the write things to say, just put down how they make you feel and viola. Ladies aren’t treated to sweet words from men like in the olden days. Just a little effort that is full of sincerity will send our hearts fluttering for a long time.

Photographer of Dreams

A romantic getaway isn’t complete with out a venture out to explore. This is the perfect time to snap some great candid shots of your sweetie, the cute together photos, and all the things that you want to remember. Put them together as a slide show or collage (all can be done super quick on the computer or in an app) and title the different sections. Candid pic could be labeled – How Lovely I See You Every Day, Every Time I See You I Fall More In Love – something like that. For the couple photos – Together Forever, You Make Me Look Good, Luckiest Person In The World. For the random ones – Remembered Forever, Memories Made. Really just something to caption the photos and will make your someone special smile.

These are just a few ideas to get your romance wheels turning. You could always ask your special someone what they would want to do and then add a something personal from you to it to make it amazing. All of us at KT Cabins wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

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