The time to travel and see family you haven’t seen all year is finally here. Are you ready? Are the flashbacks from last year’s road trip starting to get to you? Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and know it’s going to be totally fine. You’re going to be prepared for anything and this is going to be the best family holiday ever! The secret is planning ahead and prepare for the worst. Here are some great tips and tricks to make your holiday travel a breeze…

Plan Your Stops

You most likely have your trip planned out, but what about the stops? Have you checked construction areas? Looked at the times you might be hitting major city traffic? There is a lot to think of depending the length of your trip. It always helps to plan your stops and take into consideration what the traffic conditions will be like and the time you will be in high traffic areas. Plan what areas you will stop for gas, bathroom breaks, and/or food.


If you’re traveling with kids, you already know some type of attention holding power must be present for long drives. Technology is great and can do a lot in keeping you and any passengers in the car occupied. You can also find games to play together. A break from technology to greatly annoy each other and have tons of laughs, if you will. Pinterest has some great travel games that you can put together yourself.


Snacks are going to be a life saver on the road. When you are planning what snacks to pack there are a few things to keep in mind; mess-ability, satisfaction, and healthiness. Mess-ability refers to how difficult it would be to clean up if there was a spill. Think chips, when they fall on the floor they are usually stepped on and break into tons of pieces that are hard to clean up. Veggies, fruits, and nuts (they may be small but rarely break into tiny pieces if spilled) are always a good choice. Candy bags are good to do up as well and can be used as treats for car games or just something nice to have when the sugar craving hits you.

Planning your stops, entertainment, and snacks are small things that can make a huge difference for your travels. What travel planning do you do to prepare for the holiday trip to see family and friends?


Be sure to check out all our cabins listed below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. We wish you safe and happy travels this holiday season!

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The Cottage

Green Roof

Red Roof

The Horse Farm 

Little Ponderosa

Big Ponderosa 

Written by Misty Bingham

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