So you’re coming to Knoxville for some reason or another and you want to do something fun while you’re here, but what is there to do? If you could only see our faces light up when that question is asked. The choices are endless, we’re not kidding – it’s a little ridiculous, but some of our favorite activities to do and to also recommend are the tours. There are so many to fit whatever you are in the mood for and it’s just fun having someone else show you around and talk about all the things. We won’t hold you up from all the details, let’s tour the tours…(get it, just couldn’t’ resist).

Food Tours (+ an adult beverage = guaranteed greatest time ever!)

The Chef’s Table Tour
You deserve to be treated to the best dishes Knoxville Chefs have to offer. See food to beautiful to eat (almost) and speak to the masterful creators as you get wined and dined at 5 top restaurants in 3 hours. Tickets are $69.99

Sunday Bountiful Brunch Tour
Anyone else live for brunch? A mimosa, simple food made all pretty, all the things that make you feel a bit more fancy to bring you back to life from the night before. It’s one of those experiences that never goes wrong – love brunch. This brunch tour steps it up and takes you to 3 restaurants in 2 hours and is only $49.99. Yes, drive me around and call me Daisy while serving me fancy brunch delicacies. I love you Knoxville.

Beverage Tours (better known as the “Let’s make memories we won’t remember” tour)

When you’re known for having the best alcohol around, you better properly represent. And oh do we represent. There is a brew tour that will cater to every experience you desire. One of our favorites is the Mystery Date Night tour – so much fun! Since the list of available tours is a bit long, head on over to the website and check them all out

The Man Tours (or what I like to call Vacation Therapy Time)

Ever be on vacation and just need a small amount of time to get away from the vacation? A getaway within your vacation if you will. Ladies head to shop, antique, nails/hair, but there is so much for the happy traveler that is into something different. You have your Man Tours that take you fishing or whiskey tasting and then there are your walking tours that will delight all history lovers. A longtime favorite is the 3 Anglers Tour and the Historic Downtown Walking tour.
Oh, and for all the Civil War history buffs out there, you have got to check out the Civil War Knoxville Driving Tour. You do it at your own pace, you can get out and explore all the sites, and take in the history. Check out all the Self-Guided tours so you explore your way.

When you visit Knoxville, because you know you will, take some time to explore and discover what makes this city so special.

To make your stay even better, book your vacation with KT Cabins. Check out all our Knoxville Cabins:
The Horse Farm
The Cottage
The Bunkhouse
The Green Roof*
The Red Roof*
Little Pond’erosa*
Big Pond’erosa*
*Cabins located on our Pond’erosa Estate, great option for larger groups.

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