A while back we were doing inventory on our cleaning supplies and got to wondering if natural cleaners would be a better alternative to what we were using. The thought mulled over in our minds for a bit then we decided to give it go and test out a few natural cleaning recipes for our rental cabins. So we tested different recipes to see what would work best for log cabins and large rental houses that have high traffic, and we are sharing the best with you…

All-Purpose Cleaner

Finding the perfect all-purpose cleaner was a necessity. The less cleaners we have to lug around and up and down stairs the better.  Countless recipes are available for an all-purpose cleaner, so it took a bit of research to find one that would work best for us. We wanted something simple and cost effective that would be gentle, yet clean really well. One ingredient met all our needs – vinegar. Add some baking soda and you have the best cleaning duo out there. Although vinegar smell does dissipate rather quickly, we still wanted to have a scent that would leave that clean smell in the air for our guests when they walk in. Essential oils did the trick perfectly. It’s fun to mix and match different oils to come up with the most lovely scents, like you’re a mad scent scientist. Our favorite combination is lemon and mint at the moment.

The Recipe

This cleaner is easy to make, cost effective, and better for the environment.

Wood Floor Cleaner

KT Cabins has few log cabins (Red Roof, Green Roof, Big Ponderosa, & Little Ponderosa – linked below 😉 with gorgeous wood floors. We want to keep them looking beautiful and floor cleaners can be a bit harsh on old wood planks. A simple mix of warm water and vinegar works perfectly and we add in a few essential oils for not only a delightful smell, but it also gives the floor a nice sheen that isn’t slippery.

Air Cleaner

This one might sound weird, but with guests checking in and out, it’s important to have clean air in our rentals. We discovered that tea tree oil is a great sanitizer and when you use it with an oil diffuser it will sanitize the air. It also is amazing at getting rid of any cooking smells left by guests when they chef it up in our fully equipped kitchens.

These are just a few of the natural cleaners we’re testing out. We really want to try the toilet bombs and find something to clean the dishwasher. Stay tuned for an update on our natural cleaner journey.

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