Top 5 Free Activities in Pigeon Forge, TN

Do you like travel games? For parents, the Free Activities Game is super fun and did you catch the whole FREE bit. Just checking. Travel expenses can very quickly get out of hand and let’s face it, so many activities are expensive and you’re not guaranteed to enjoy the experience. We have done the research to bring you the top 5 free activities in Pigeon Forge that won’t let you down and offer some of the best views to capture some great memories…

Patriot Park

Take a break from all the expensive tourist attractions and enjoy a historic stroll in the park. Dedicated to veterans from Sevier County, Patriot Park is full of wartime history. A favorite game to play is trying to guess the right state for all the 50 state flags and be sure to get some great pictures at Patriot Missile in the center of the park. Check out more –

Sugarlands Visitor Center

All the Smoky Mountain Visitor Centers have something special to offer, but the Sugarlands Visitor Center has always been a favorite. It’s open every day except Christmas day. It’s only 2 miles south of Gatlinburg and offers special Ranger-led excursions – they are seasonal but you can check locations and times with the staff. So, what was just mentioned is cool and all, but the real gem that makes this treasure shine is the natural history exhibits. They are amazing so be sure to get plenty of pictures and you can even enjoy a short film about the park. For more info on all the Smoky Mountain Visitor Centers, check out their site –

Clingman’s Dome

Clingman’s Dome has quite the list of Claim to Fames -highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, highest point in Tennessee, and 3rd highest mountain east of Mississippi. Boom. Basically, it’s really high in the mountains, takes a little pep talk to make it all the way, but the views are way more than worth it. And it kind of looks like an alien ship, so that’s pretty cool. Just tell the kids you’re hiking to an alien ship that has been preserved in the mountains and they will totally be ready to go. Check out all the details and the best times to go –

Cade’s Cove

We are avid picture takes when on an adventure in the mountains, and the best place to go to capture those one-of-a-kind moments is Cade’s Cove. It’s actually a big loop you get to drive around and just get lost in the scenery. There are some trails at few stops so you can explore even further. Find out more –

Little River Railroad & Lumber Company Museum

Ever get sucked into those logging competitions or shows on tv? They are awesome so it’s totally understandable. If you like that stuff or just into really cool history, the Little River Railroad & Lumber Company Museum is a must see you have to stop at. Learn about how they built it all and what daily life was like. There are tons of photos and equipment to see, and tour guides to really bring it all to life. Their off season is December through March but they do offer tours by appointment during this time. Admission is free, but they do accept donations. Check out everything and see pictures of the museum –

There really are way more free activities and most of them take you outdoors and show you the real beauty of The Great Smoky Mountains. Create a vacation challenge and plan activities for as little as possible for a day or two. It’s really fun and your future self will thank you when going through the finances at the end of the trip. Let’s get you book in one of our beautiful Smoky Mountain cabins so you can start planning your dream East Tennessee vacation. View our cabins and go on a virtual tour – . Contact us today at 865.297.5171 or send us an email: .

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