Your Guide to the Perfect Mini Vacation. When was the last time you got away for a few days? It’s probably been a little while, right? Well there are tons of studies out there that will show you are not the only one who hasn’t enjoyed a vacation in a while. Taking an entire week off to un-plug from work and relax would be amazing, but that is not always an available option. There is another route you can take that will offer time to get away from it all and not have to worry about what back-log of work is waiting for you when you return – introducing the Mini Vacation.

Like all mini version of things, the mini vacation is just a relaxing vacation tailored to fit your schedule that is only an hour or two drive away. Let’s think in the context of a weekend. You head out Friday after work (or a little earlier if you can swing leaving before 5), you have a cabin booked about an hour away for the entire weekend, and here is your guide to enjoying every minute of it….

No Dieting Allowed

Have some junk food with a big heaping side of – I don’t care about the calories.

Plan a Brunch or Dinner

The next day of your mini vacation should have a few plans, but they need to be flexible. You might find some fun activity to go do and you don’t want to have to cut that short. Planning to go out for a meal is the best option. You can always put off meal plans or change them around.

Find One New Place to Discover

We are betting there is some place you can go to experience something new. The weather will really determine what activities you can get into, so have a few options. A local museum, hiking trail, shopping, or just walking around town to see if there is a great hole-in-the-wall place that serves the best food you have ever tasted.

Practice the Art of Being a Couch Potato

After the exploring and getting great pictures and eating some great grub, it’s time to really kick back and relax. Enjoy a long soak in the tub, or steam it up in the shower. Then put on that mud mask, pour a glass of wine (or your favorite beverage), arrange a few snacks on the table, and park it on the couch. You might even go so crazy as to put your feet up and grab a blanket to snuggle under. Watch tv, read a book, listen to music, take in the view, whatever it is that will bring you joy and require minimum movement, do it. You just need to make some time to do absolutely nothing and not be on a phone or computer. You need to be unplugged from technology for a little bit and just enjoy the moment.

Sleep In At Least One Morning

You might sleep in every morning during your mini vacation, or you might want to wake up at sunrise and get in a jog. But leave one morning to sleep in and wake up without an alarm clock going off or any plans you need to rush and get ready for. Having no plan is sometimes the best plan of all.

The greatest thing about a mini vacation is it can be what every you want it to be. As long as you are relaxed and recharged, you mini vacationed like pro. Share what you would do on your mini vacation in the comments below! We’d love to hear your ideas.

If you are wondering where to start planning your little getaway, you’re in luck! We have unique and beautiful cabins to fit exactly what you’re looking for located all throughout East Tennessee.

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